About the Artist

Do you feel undressed without your jewelry? Do you love that we are all special in our own way? Are you on a quest to rediscover your authentic self and want to look good doing it? Then you have found yourself in the right place. We are all beautifully and perfectly imperfect.

Hello, my name is Julia and I am a Pittsburgh artist known for my swirling organic forms and twisted wire made from sterling silver, copper, and brass. I create handcrafted bold jewelry with longevity in mind to empower and adorn you on your journey to self-discovery and authenticity.

The inspiration for much of my work stems from my mother’s love of jewelry and an old habit of mine which consists of the constant doodling of swirls which I still do today. I love to create beautiful things from old recycled materials such as belts, electrical wire, antique buttons, and old leather boots for example. Mixing metals, breaking the rules, and creating imperfect pieces is another signature element to my work. I followed the ‘rules’ for too many years, giving up portions of my identity along the way.

Now I am on a mission to stay true to myself by being who I was made to be.  I hope you come along this great adventure with me…for there are many gems to be found along the road less traveled.


Check out my collections at https://stoneroadjewelry.com/collections/ and get started today!